29 November, 2009

Boooks I love books :-)

We went to San Antonio yesterday and had a blast. My favorite part of the day was when we got to go to Barnes & Noble. I got four books three I pick cause I want them and the fourth I got cause I thought it would be a nice book to start reading to the kids in the evening.

I hated reading as a kid and didn't want anyone reading to me. But Now it is all different. I am reading some of the classics like The Secret Garden I have always loved the movie and once I read the book I loved it even more. I am currently reading Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland. And we are going to start reading A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens. I have always loved the movies based off the book but can't wait to read the book.

Okay As for the four books I got last night.
Book 1)  This is one book with three story's in it.
The CHIMES and
By Charles Dickens

Book 2)
Kitchen Witche's Guide to Brews and Potions
By Patricia Telesco

Book 3)
Cunningham's Book of Shawdows
The Path of an American Traditionalist.
By Scott Cunningham of course LOL
Anyone who likes Cunninghams books Should deffinantly go out and get this book. It was a manuscript that was lost amoungst Cunningham;s stuff in 93 after his death. There are actual Pictures that were taken from his original Manuscript and put in here so you get to see his actual hand writing and drawings of symbols and all kinds of kool stuff. There are reciepts in it for cakes and other stuff for Sabath times and blessings and just loaded full of stuff and I love how the ppl put the book together so far.

Now for BOOK 4)
By Lewis Carroll

This one I took pictures of cause of how good it looks and the price. Plus it is also one of my best friends favorite books and I wanted to share it with her. :-)

And yes that was the price. This is how I got my Wicked and Son of a Witch leather bound book.

21 November, 2009

OMGoodness where did my saturdays go?

I never thought being a troop leader took up this much of someones time. I swear I only have one maybe two saturdays to sleep in from now till the first of the year. It is crazy. All this community services stuff on saturdays and stuff is always in the morning. What happened to afternoon stuff LOL. Last weekend we had Movie Night which is my event due to I am the SHARE Coordinator and it is to raise the money for our SHARE goal. I have hosted two so far and only have one more before we reach our goal. This Saturday we were supposed to be going to the Corn Maze but due to all the rain that they have gotten in Hondo Texas we will not be attending that. The corn maze lady called me yesterday to inform us that they are going to be closed today seeings how they couldn't even park cars due to all the mud. So instead we are going to go to the CC Winn High School and do community service to help set up for the Feast For Sharing tomorrow. I am not sure if we are going to attend it tomorrow but I know we are going to help today. We have 15min to get there. Thank goodness we live 3 min away LOL.

Well we have to go. I will update more as soon as I have more intersting stuff to update on.

Oh the girls only have one more thing to do to recieve their last  Journey patch. And for that project they will be helping out the Woman's Shelter. And some time this holiday season we were thinking of letting the girls go and color or something like that with the elderly in a nursing home. I will update when I have more interesting stuff :-)

02 November, 2009

Try and say this three times.

I heard this saying from my news weather man and just loved the saying. There are two different ways to say it. I can't remember which one the weather guy said but it was one of the two the way he said it.

Fair Fall,


Fair Fall,

Which one of the two do you like?