27 May, 2009


I was sitting here watching tv and catching up on blogs when I heard this noise. I get up thinking the kids are playing cause it is storming and I let them sleep together. But no it wasn't the kids. So I venture off outside to see what the noise was thinking it was the neighbor boys. I asked them and they said they didn't know but it did sound like a tree so I turn around and kinda sprint hop through the very very very wet and cold grass. Guess what I found. The neighbors on the other side have this really nice tree not sure what kind but nice. It has or should say had three BIG branches coming out of the trunk and the one closest to my house split and fell making the noise I hear. It was the leafy part hitting the roof and sliding down the side of my house. I was like OH %#&! and told the neighbor boys on the other side so they came and took a look and pics. I didn't have my camera out there with me but will go out there and take one once the rain stops again.

Black tail is my cat Salem.
You can see where it broke in this one. You can also tell it is still green.

And in this one you can tell it was still very green. I don't know what kind of tree this is but I do know it sounds spooky/scary when it breaks and slides down the side of your house at night during a really bad and loud storm.

17 May, 2009

We are back

Well we are back from San Antonio. The Dance Extravaganza was great. The girls had a blast. Us Grown ups had a blast also. I don't think I have laughed that much without being on the phone. We got home last night at 10pm. I had so much fun that the computer only got taken out of the bag for the little girls to watch a movie and that was all.

We stayed at the GS Leadership building and slept on the floor like a sleep over it was fun. But I will tell you it won't happen again I will remember to go by our GS house here in town before we leave and pick up a fricking air mattress. Cement is not very comfy even with a sleeping bag for -30 outside. But it was fun fun fun. We will defiantly be heading back next year.

Well I need to get ready for church. I hope everyone had a great Friday and Saturday! I will catch up with everyone when I get home today.

15 May, 2009


Today we have field day at the kids school and then this afternoon my 8 year old girl and I are heading to San Antonio for the Girls In Motion dance extravaganza. Today is going to be so busy I am so not looking forward to it. I will spend a little time with my son and daughter at field day and then head back home to get a shower and then laundry mat to wash the sleeping bags and then at 4pm, my girl and I have to be at the girl scout house to catch our ride.

I am not sure if I will have time for the computer later today or tomorrow so if not I will catch you all Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Take care and have a great weekend!

14 May, 2009

This sucks

Well with all the stuff that has been going on things are just picking up maybe, with an exception of the tv.

The DH finally has work at least for the next month and that will help get us out of the hole and then he goes to help a friend and that will set us for at least 3 months we hope.

I don't know when we will get the tv back considering he is fixing to leave on Monday for work. So it will probly be sometime after that when the kids and I get the tv back. It wouldn't be so bad if we lived closer to San Antonio but we don't. Where we live the only thing we get with an antenna is Mexico stations. And I still don't understand spanish so that dosn't work very well. But it will be okay I have gone without tv before when the kids and I first moved down here and got a place of our own we didn't have tv just dvd players and I had the internet. LOL So to me it isn't much of a loss. :-)

Well I have such a busy weekend left from here on out. I have to get everything ready for Andrea and I to head to SA tomorrow we have the Girls In Motion Dance Extravaganza. The girls have to be there by 6pm tomorrow night for dress rehersal and then we will sleep at the leadership building and then wake up have breakfast and head over to the school to start getting ready for the extravaganza. The girls are excited and so are us parents just in a fatigued kinda way. I will be sure to take pictures so that everyone can see how things went and if the camera will let me I will take a video of the girls dance and figure out how to post that so everyone can see how well they do.

I know this is such a mess and probly don't make sense much but that is how my brain is working right now.

Take care and have a great weekend :-)

10 May, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I don't know exactly how many of you that follow my blog are mothers but I know everyone of you have fur baby's so you deserve a Happy Mothers Day Wish, Hug, and Love!

I went to church today and the pearcher I don't know if it is because she is a woman or what but the sermon was about mothers and woman. She found in her libary at the church a book of all the women in the bible. I didn't even know there was such a book but the funny or ironic thing about it is it was written by a MAN go figure. She also read to us from the bible about two nameless mothers. Now mind you the excert she read from I had never heard anything about. I am not claiming to know much about the bible but I thought I knew alot more than I am finding out.

Okay enough about church. I hope all you ladies have a great day.


06 May, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have Court of Awards tomorrow from 6-8pm for Girl Scouts and then I have to get busy and get our parent meeting set up for my new troop Troop # 5113. I want to have it no later than 30 days after the ceremony tomorrow.

Friday we have Girls In Motion (dance team for girl scouts) They have to go in their Black GIM tees and black gym shorts. Taking pix for the Dance Extravaganza on the 16th of May.

Well I will be taking pix of the sproutlings now that they have been planted in the yard. Oh and also I think the birds have eggs. Not sure but I think so. I will try and find out and post about that later also. Right now I am just going to try and get through the next two days.

04 May, 2009


Here is my silly cat. He was sleeping on the dogs pillow. I dont know what he was dreaming about to be sleeping in that position. But I thought he was funny looking.

Here is more pictures of my lazy kitty. Yes I really caught him drinking water like this. Can you say LAZY. lol

Just to let what friends I have following me I wanted to let you all know that my Friend Cher is doing a give away and there is only two days left go and check it out.

01 May, 2009

I am back

Hello all.

I am back on the internet. I have been reading to catch up on things and you all have been busy little bees. Or at least the blogs I follow.

I got the sproutlings put in the ground this morning. I will take pictures later and post. we have a total of 3 carrots, 3 corn and 6 cantalops. I wasn't sure how many of what we planted till they all popped up out of the soil.