30 July, 2009

Last week

Well yesterday was my last week to work weekdays at the cafe. I now will only work Sat. and Sun. until school starts back up. And this is the last week that I will be my mil's provider. Tomorrow is my last day. Her permanent provider is finally able to start back to work and will start on Monday. In a way I am glad I don't have to deal with sweating my butt off Mon. thru Fri. cook supper for her but my dh isn't very happy about the fact that the new hours are going to be from 1-4 since my mil dosn't eat till 5pm. But I don't know that is between him and his mother.

I will let you all know how boring my life goes now that I am home all day again. Hopfully I will enjoy the time with my kids more now that I have gone back to work for a while.

27 July, 2009

Back at work

I headed back to work on Saturday and I enjoyed it so much. I Went to talk to the manager when I got there and she was like NO I am on vacay talk to the owner when she comes in. So that is exactly what I did.

The owner came in later that day and when she did I politely asked her if we could talk. She took me to the back so it was just us two and no one else. (The mananger makes you talk in front of the customers and other employees and dosn't care.) So I inform her that I am going to have to quit I can't work until after school starts back up. She asked me why? I thought you liked working here. So I told her that I do but I don't have a babysitter till after school starts up and plus I don't want to put anyone into a bind because I have a responsibility to my kids first and for most and that the job comes second. So I told her that I was just quiting so that they could hire someone new so that there was no inconvienence to her or the other girls at work. She said she would talk to the mananger.

Well yesterday she came in and said she had talked to the manager and she said that they would keep me on on weekends until school started back up. So then I had to tell her that we are going on vacay some time around the 6th of Aug. She smiled and asked me why I didn't say anything yesterday. I told her it was cause I really thought I would not have a job any more cause of the babysitter bit. But no they are keeping me on she told me NO I am not letting you go if I can keep from it. You work your butt off and come in when you are schedualed and don't complain about everylittle thing and the costumers love you. So I get to keep my job but I will only be working weekend till school starts back up and the first sign of problems I will be quiting if the manager dosn't want to work with me. So we will see how things go from here on.

20 July, 2009

Update on what happened this morning.

I went to get my check at 2:30pm. and the owners are the ones to hand out the check. And yes the manager was sitting right there with her. I said Hello to the owners (hubby and wife team) And got my check then asked the manager why she sent me home today. Yes all in front of the owners she said yes. And proceeded to say that it was cause she told me Friday when I was explaining to her that if I came into work then I would have to abonden my daughter at camp. That if I didn't come in Sunday then she would cut my hours. I corrected her and told her NO you never said that you told me that I had to come in period and I proceed to repeat what I told her on friday and that her response to that was You will do what you have to and then got up. Never once did she say she would have to cut my hours. She did say on those lines that if she had to hire someone else that that would cut EVERYBODY's hours and that was fair. I told her then why can't you just cut mine? She said it doesn't work that way. So I asked her what do YOU want me to do? She didn't say anything. So I told her that I COULDN'T be there Sunday there was nothing I could do about it leaving my child in Utopia Texas was NOT an option. But it was all done infront of the owners so I am not to worried at this time. And I don't understand why she thought it would bother me considering she and the owners know that financially I don't need the job it is all cause I want one. So please someone tell me where cutting my hours is actually hurting me? I only see it frustrating me cause I am sitting at home AGAIN like I have for the last 9 years. But hurting me NO. And honestly I am looking forward to have the week off it has been 5 weeks since I have gotten more than 2 days off.

I will be putting in my two weeks when I return to work on Sat. Due to family vacay. If she threw such a fit over this which she was informed of on Wed. the 8th that I HAD to have the 19th off ONE day. Can you imagin what she will say and do if I tell her I need the 6th-11th I think is what dh said for vacay. So to save everyone the pissy problems I am just putting in my two weeks. I am not to worried she already hired someone new and I think two weeks is enough time for the new girl to catch onto things. If not I am sorry for them but I am not going to go through this again and all be damned if I am going to miss the family vacay to go and see MY Grandmother because of some job I only have cause I don't want to be home all the time anymore.

As far as the paper trail and clocking in and then out this is a mom and pop restaurant. So paper trails don't exsist when it comes to things like this. I wish I could have gotten that but there is no way I would be getting it so I didn't even try.

I only wanted 2 to 3 days a week as it was but I am getting the full shabang as a normal employee.

How things went.

I went out Saturday night got a message then decided to go to Southbound listened to the band and drank some. When I was leaving there was this guy standing outside looking for his friend and couldn't find him. I recognized him from work so I asked him where his friend was and he said he ditched him. So I asked him if he needed a ride and he said yes I can't drive I am drunk. So I asked him where and of all places it was my work. So I took him over there and went in to use the bathroom. The guys friends there wouldn't take him back to his trailer so I took him to his trailer and dropped him off then headed home. I went to bed after I got home. Then I got up at 6:30am and got ready to go and pick up A from Girls In Motion Dance camp. It was a long HOT drive. I don't have a/c in my car so the ride seemed alot longer than it really was. I got to camp and watched the girls perform the dances and they were all so great. Then we drove home boy was it hotter than driving there. But we made it and didn't have heat strokes. A went to bed as soon as we got home and I fell asleep at 5pm. And I didn't get up till 5:30am and A says she woke up at 3am.

Now for today. ARGGGGHHHH I got ready for work was supposed to be there at 7am got there on time and was immediately told to go home. The damn door hadn't even shut behind me when I was told to go home. I asked her "Can I ask why?" the response to that was "Just go home Jennifer" I was fuming. So I stood there and she continued to walk to the kitchen not even looking back barked some orders in the kitchen and then started walking back out. I left cause by then I was pissed and knew that if I spoke to her I would start screaming so I just turned around and walked out. I have never been treated as a child at work unless I was one that stopped when I was 12 years old. Not even was I treated as a child when I was 16 and 17 and had a job. So now I am sitting at home considering calling the owner and putting in my two week notice. Cause this is total BS. I was on f*&%ing time and deserve a reason to why she told me to go home.

18 July, 2009

All on my own.

As some of you know I have been childless since yesterday morning. I have always had one of my kids or a hubby with me at all times. Never have I been alone to do as I want when I want.
Okay day 1: Got off work at 7pm. came home, Watched Wizards, On Deck with Hannah Montana, Then the new epi of Hannah Montana, and the after that the new epi of Wizards of Weaverly Place, The two more epis of reruns of Hannah. Then after all the drama on the tv. I needed a drink. I headed to Fuddruckers and sat outside in my car for 20min. deciding if I should go in or just go home. I didn't know what to do. I finally went in and ordered me a salad and went to the bar. Had four Amaretto Di Saronno w/7up, they were good. I got home around 12:15 went to bed and that was all she wrote.

Today I went to work got home early and went to a garage sale and then to my MIL's sew up my appron for work and then came home. Didn't do much anything eles.

Current time: Got up at 7:45 from a nap and took a shower and now I am on here. I am going to head to Southbound and listen to a band that is on tonight. They are supposed to be really good I will let you know.

I will post as soon as possible to let you know what happens tonight and everything. I just can't wait till morning Andrea comes home. I won't feel so different. It just seems so empty without at least one of my family with me. Boy do I miss them ALL!

Good Night and have fun.

14 July, 2009

I am blogging from my new phone. Yeah now i can stay connected more. Oh shit no more excuses for not blogging as often LOL. Maybe this will help me stay in touch more often

12 July, 2009

How things have been

Well I am still working both jobs and things are pretty good so far. There of coarse have been a few problems from time to time but nothing to bad. Still doing the Girl Scout thing but finding it a little hard to concentrait when I need to on Girl Scouts. But Thank Goodness I have a great co-leader. I keep trying to get her to do the training so she can take over as leader and I can be the co but she won't. I do more as a co and her as a leader but for some reason she dosn't want the title change. My daughter is fixing to go to camp for the first time. She will leave Friday and I will pick her up Sunday at the camp. She is excited I am kinda in the dumps about it cause I will be home all ALONE for those days.

DH took our son to work with him so it is just me and daughter and once she leaves for camp it will be just me till she gets home. I don't know how I am going to take it considering I have always had at least one of my kids with me all time time since I had my first one. I have never had time alone with no kids or a dh but I will see how it works and let you all know when time comes.

I will be on sooner hopfully. For sure by the 17th.