27 April, 2009

Sad News

I just wanted to let what few people that follow me know that as of midnight tonight which is in a couple of hours I will not have internet. I am not sure when it will be back up and running. I really did enjoy what few days I did get to blog and really enjoyed reading the comments I got from my blogs. As soon as I have internet back I will be sure to pop back in and let you all know.

Thank you it has been great. I shall return.


26 April, 2009

Daughters Plants

My 8 year old wanted to plant some seeds so we bought her one of those little greenhouse thingys at Walmart. It had 12 pallets in it. I don't remember exact where we planted what but I remember what we planted.

We planted Carrots, Cantaloupe, and Corn. I am not sure what is what. I have never seen any of those three plants before they were ready to be harvested. So if anyone knows what is what feel free to let me know.

The date and time are wrong I forgot to set it right on my camera before I took the pictures. I took them this morning. (04-26-09) The directions on the greenhouse thingy said it would take about 2 weeks before we saw a sprout ling. Here they are at just one to one and a half weeks.

We think the tall ones with the long leaves might be the corn. But then again I am not sure. And the medium height wit the little leaves I am not sure but they are cute looking. and the real thin green ones that are the shortest and in the bottom right of the picture I really have no idea. Hubby thinks maybe carrots but as I said not sure again.

25 April, 2009

Red-Capped Manakin

I found this little guy when I was looking for pictures of the superb bird yesterday. What attracted me to him is he does something I personally never knew a bird could do. He is a Red-Capped Manakin (Pipra Mentalis) is a species of bird in the Pipridae family. His natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowlands. He is found in areas like Belize, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador,Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama. The only other thing I know about him is his courting method. He shuffels his little feet so fast you can't even tell he is moving his feet.
Here are two different pictures of him. I think he is such a pretty bird. I love his red head and yellow legs or thighs.

Here is a video of his little courting dance. The lady in the video is just kinda explaining the birds dance. Just watch and you will see the bird himself do the dance.


I hope you enjoyed this post also.

24 April, 2009

Just stuff

I saw this bird that I thought was awesome and wanted to share. I don't know how many of you have seen the previews or the movie even called Earth that Disney put out on Earth day. Well there is a bird in there that is awesome looking.
The bird is named Superb. It is the only member in the genus Lophorina. This one of course is a male they are always the prettiest birds.
These birds are hunted for their plumes/feathers they are of velvety black. At this time their is no worry of the species cause it is one of the most common and widespread birds of paradise in New Guinea forests.

Yes this is a bird. Showing off for the female of his species.
Here he is with his mouth open. But still showing off.
Here is a picture of him when he isn't showing off for the woman LOL.
Again not showing off just a different angle.
I hope you enjoyed.

22 April, 2009


I wasn't able to get any of the plants not even just one planted today. But on a good note my MIL is doing good. Someone had to stay with her till this evening at about 7pm this evening. It took her a lot longer to recover from the anesthesia than it did back in Jan. I am just figuring that it was a lot stronger this time compared to last time.

I hope everyone has had a great day.
Well Good Night for now.

Earth Day

Today is Earth day. I have lots of plants to plant for earth day today. I am going to plant at least one not sure which one. I know I will not be planting my Magnolia tree. At a later time I will be putting her into a bigger pot till I buy a house or she gets too big and then I will plant her where ever she needs to be planted. Here is a picture of her when I first got her.

On another note, I will be at the hospital most of the day. My mother in law is having an outpatient procedure but she still will have to be totally sedated. I don't like this too much considering she is too old to be given major anesthetic. But she isn't too worried about it so what can I say or do. I know nothing will happen but it still worries me.

20 April, 2009

Garden at first.

Okay so this is a picture of our garden or flower patch when we first got the plants.

Now the only thing that is different from that picture is that the grass you see in that square area is gone for now.

Here is a list of the plants in there once I get a better pic I will lable what is what for those who aren't sure of what is what.

There is a Magnolia tree, JFK Rose Bush, Orange Lilies, Dark Yellow Marigolds, White and two red Geraniums, and a Hibiscus bush/tree.

18 April, 2009

Our Birds

Hello all these are our birds. They are not ours as in pets they are wild barn Swallows that have a nest in our porch awning.

I know they are hard to see but we are just getting acquainted. We only talk at night well I talk they listen. During the day they still think we are a danger and fly away. But at night they just sit there and stare at me. I keep asking them their names but they haven't gotten comfortable in telling me yet so I don't have any names for them yet any suggestions would be grateful. I will post more pics of the two birds as the season progresses.

Now for a little story I was told about my two little friends.

I was told that they are also called love birds because they will only nest at a single persons home or a home with a lot of love. I am kinda intune to believe only cause of one particular acquaintance. Her and her boyfriend had a set of birds on their porch for years I think she said something like 3 to 5 years and last year half way through the season we found them dead in her front yard just a bit away from where the nest was. It looked like it died of some kind of disease it was deformed looking where just a week earlier it wasn't, and about the same time her and her bf started fighting ALL the time. So I would say I think the myth just might be true who knows.

What I do know about them is that they are Barn Swallows and they are protected migrant birds that return to the nest they left before they migrated for the winter. They are smaller birds so their eggs are game for larger birds to snag so their are reasons and ways they protect they eggs from the larger birds. I can't remember what they are right now but I will post it later on when I post the other pics of the birds.