26 April, 2009

Daughters Plants

My 8 year old wanted to plant some seeds so we bought her one of those little greenhouse thingys at Walmart. It had 12 pallets in it. I don't remember exact where we planted what but I remember what we planted.

We planted Carrots, Cantaloupe, and Corn. I am not sure what is what. I have never seen any of those three plants before they were ready to be harvested. So if anyone knows what is what feel free to let me know.

The date and time are wrong I forgot to set it right on my camera before I took the pictures. I took them this morning. (04-26-09) The directions on the greenhouse thingy said it would take about 2 weeks before we saw a sprout ling. Here they are at just one to one and a half weeks.

We think the tall ones with the long leaves might be the corn. But then again I am not sure. And the medium height wit the little leaves I am not sure but they are cute looking. and the real thin green ones that are the shortest and in the bottom right of the picture I really have no idea. Hubby thinks maybe carrots but as I said not sure again.


Anonymous said...

wow they really grew! I have no clue what is what, but would plant them in the ground anyway and be surprised! Great job!

willow said...

that is awesome! i have planted and grown corn and carrots, the tall ones with the long leaves i am pretty positive it's corn. the little skinny straggly ones are definately carrots and i've never grown a cantaloupe before but they look like they are loving what you are doing!