24 April, 2009

Just stuff

I saw this bird that I thought was awesome and wanted to share. I don't know how many of you have seen the previews or the movie even called Earth that Disney put out on Earth day. Well there is a bird in there that is awesome looking.
The bird is named Superb. It is the only member in the genus Lophorina. This one of course is a male they are always the prettiest birds.
These birds are hunted for their plumes/feathers they are of velvety black. At this time their is no worry of the species cause it is one of the most common and widespread birds of paradise in New Guinea forests.

Yes this is a bird. Showing off for the female of his species.
Here he is with his mouth open. But still showing off.
Here is a picture of him when he isn't showing off for the woman LOL.
Again not showing off just a different angle.
I hope you enjoyed.


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Anonymous said...

What a funny bird! He;s ery pretty.

willow said...

he is a super cute little guy! I saw this earth documentary with David Attenborough and they called this bird and a few other very show ones Birds of Paradise...they are so funny...don't even look like a bird when they are all puffed up like that! Boys, always showing off for the ladies!