14 May, 2009

This sucks

Well with all the stuff that has been going on things are just picking up maybe, with an exception of the tv.

The DH finally has work at least for the next month and that will help get us out of the hole and then he goes to help a friend and that will set us for at least 3 months we hope.

I don't know when we will get the tv back considering he is fixing to leave on Monday for work. So it will probly be sometime after that when the kids and I get the tv back. It wouldn't be so bad if we lived closer to San Antonio but we don't. Where we live the only thing we get with an antenna is Mexico stations. And I still don't understand spanish so that dosn't work very well. But it will be okay I have gone without tv before when the kids and I first moved down here and got a place of our own we didn't have tv just dvd players and I had the internet. LOL So to me it isn't much of a loss. :-)

Well I have such a busy weekend left from here on out. I have to get everything ready for Andrea and I to head to SA tomorrow we have the Girls In Motion Dance Extravaganza. The girls have to be there by 6pm tomorrow night for dress rehersal and then we will sleep at the leadership building and then wake up have breakfast and head over to the school to start getting ready for the extravaganza. The girls are excited and so are us parents just in a fatigued kinda way. I will be sure to take pictures so that everyone can see how things went and if the camera will let me I will take a video of the girls dance and figure out how to post that so everyone can see how well they do.

I know this is such a mess and probly don't make sense much but that is how my brain is working right now.

Take care and have a great weekend :-)

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willow said...

oh so sorry to here about your tv! i hope you get it back soon!

have fun with the girls dance extravaganza! sounds like lots of fun!