12 July, 2009

How things have been

Well I am still working both jobs and things are pretty good so far. There of coarse have been a few problems from time to time but nothing to bad. Still doing the Girl Scout thing but finding it a little hard to concentrait when I need to on Girl Scouts. But Thank Goodness I have a great co-leader. I keep trying to get her to do the training so she can take over as leader and I can be the co but she won't. I do more as a co and her as a leader but for some reason she dosn't want the title change. My daughter is fixing to go to camp for the first time. She will leave Friday and I will pick her up Sunday at the camp. She is excited I am kinda in the dumps about it cause I will be home all ALONE for those days.

DH took our son to work with him so it is just me and daughter and once she leaves for camp it will be just me till she gets home. I don't know how I am going to take it considering I have always had at least one of my kids with me all time time since I had my first one. I have never had time alone with no kids or a dh but I will see how it works and let you all know when time comes.

I will be on sooner hopfully. For sure by the 17th.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are going oka for you. Haven't talked in a while and I was wondering if everything was okay.