09 August, 2009


Not sure who's this one is. A's or F's
This one is Willow. (Mine)

We have baby Turtles. I got the kids and myself baby turtles a week ago. I am not to turtle savvy so if any of u know anything about baby turtles it would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure what kind of baby turtles they are but I did take pix I am sure it won't help, but I can give you a brief of when we first got them from the lady on the side of the road.

Okay when we bought the baby's the lady had them and TONS more in a plastic tub with water. When she handed us the little aquariums she added about a inch of water in the green one and about a inch and a half in the orange. The orange one has two baby's and the green one just one and there where already some rock pebble in the bottom of the aquariums. So I assume they are some kind of water baby turtle. Well I did have the kids find something to add to their aquariums when we got home so that the baby's weren't constantly stretching their heads to get out of water. Well low and behold all they could find that was big enough AND small enough were these two large oyster shells. They said they were in the side yard so I washed them very well and we added them to the aquariums.

Well the worry now is that maybe they need more dry land? Not quite sure. This lady told us nothing other than feed them one pellet of turtle food a day per baby. Well the last two days they didn't eat their food. So last night when I was cleaning their aquariums I let them stay out longer to dry up some and then when putting the shells back in their homes I put some of the rock stuff in a corner to push up the shells more out of the water so that they would have a spot to get completely out of the water. Today they did eat! The two in the orange which is mine and A's they take turns sitting on top of each other on top of the dry part of the shell. I am looking for anyone that can help me make sure we keep the baby's healthy. I am in the process of seeing if I can acquire at least a 5 gallon tank so that we can put them all three together. I think F's baby is sad cause he is all by himself. And no I don't know if they are boys or girls or what. I just told the kids to name them. F's is named Chowder and A's is Baby and Mine is Willow.

This is them in the make shift cage so I don't loose them while they are out of their homes.
This is a close up of them next to their make shift barrier (13.2 ounce dog food cans)


Shila1976 said...


this is what I havee found and it has alot of intresting facts you may want to read aobut. lst your kids read it too so they will have an idea of what they are in for.

hope it all goes well for yall and the turtles!!:)

willow said...

don't forget to wash your hands! I believe they can carry salmonella like lizards can