22 August, 2009

Work today

I had today off and work tomorrow at 9am and Sunday at 1:30PM. But I got a call from my boss lady this morning at 8 asking me if I could find a sitter and come in tonight. I told her I would see what I could do and sure enough I found a sitter that came to the house to keep the kids. So I went to work. I worked 1:30pm - close (11:00) clocked out at 11:30pm.

I am just a waitress in a resturant that has a bar connected to it but still the same business. Well tonight we had no bartender at first and the only waitress for the bar was a minor so she wasn't allowed behind the bar. I ended up playing Bartender for about 3 hours tonight it was crazy. I was bartender in the bar and waitress in the resturant. It was crazy. Finally the bar boss lady came back to work and I was relieved. She said I did a really good job. I was shocked at that considering I have never been a bartender till tonight. I have served drinks and made them at my house but never in public. I was proud of myself I learned how to draw a pitcher of beer from tap and get cold mugs from tap and they weren't full of foam. So I had a crazy but fun and learning experience night.

Just wanted to share.

Good Night I have to get up at be at work by 8am.


willow said...

really?! that's awesome! although, usually booze does lead to fun adventures doesn't it!! glad you had a good time and way to go on the multi-tasking!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good time being bartender. Maybe they should make you full time tender and give you a raise!