17 September, 2009

My new table setting.

I can't believe it. My house is not just clean but clean and as organized and trash/junk free as much as possible without having access to my storage building. Hopefully, I can get the laundry done now and that will be the best.

I got us some new pretties for the dinning room table from Dollar General as a reward of getting all this done. I got four new place mates. Not plastic stuff but real nice cloth that can be washed and still look the same no added fluff stuff kind. And a matching table runner. The runner isn't pointed at the ends with tassels but I like it the way it is. The design is awesome and if it had been any different I don't think I would have gotten them. Let me know what you think of them. Pix below.

I am of course kicking myself in the the ass for not sending Cher her package back in July when I was supposed to cause I am wanting my tea towels now. I guess there is something to learn from this. And just to let Cher know I finally found the bigger box I needed to get everything sent. I understand if you don't get the towels done for a while. You have ALOT on your plate right now and it is understandable.

Whole table setting. together.

Table runner by it self.
Close up of place mate. So you can make out design.
P.S. If you can't tell Pumpkins are my favorite thing. Plus I love fall the leaves all red and yellow instead of just green. Plus my fave color is orange like a pumpkin.

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Anonymous said...

How nice! Pumpkins are my favorite thing too. They look great!