06 May, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have Court of Awards tomorrow from 6-8pm for Girl Scouts and then I have to get busy and get our parent meeting set up for my new troop Troop # 5113. I want to have it no later than 30 days after the ceremony tomorrow.

Friday we have Girls In Motion (dance team for girl scouts) They have to go in their Black GIM tees and black gym shorts. Taking pix for the Dance Extravaganza on the 16th of May.

Well I will be taking pix of the sproutlings now that they have been planted in the yard. Oh and also I think the birds have eggs. Not sure but I think so. I will try and find out and post about that later also. Right now I am just going to try and get through the next two days.

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Janis said...

So you are a girl scout leader? My daughter "The Church Lady" is a co-leader for girl scouts here in Pa. I commend you for your efforts. Scouting is a wonderful experience for young girls