27 May, 2009


I was sitting here watching tv and catching up on blogs when I heard this noise. I get up thinking the kids are playing cause it is storming and I let them sleep together. But no it wasn't the kids. So I venture off outside to see what the noise was thinking it was the neighbor boys. I asked them and they said they didn't know but it did sound like a tree so I turn around and kinda sprint hop through the very very very wet and cold grass. Guess what I found. The neighbors on the other side have this really nice tree not sure what kind but nice. It has or should say had three BIG branches coming out of the trunk and the one closest to my house split and fell making the noise I hear. It was the leafy part hitting the roof and sliding down the side of my house. I was like OH %#&! and told the neighbor boys on the other side so they came and took a look and pics. I didn't have my camera out there with me but will go out there and take one once the rain stops again.

Black tail is my cat Salem.
You can see where it broke in this one. You can also tell it is still green.

And in this one you can tell it was still very green. I don't know what kind of tree this is but I do know it sounds spooky/scary when it breaks and slides down the side of your house at night during a really bad and loud storm.


Anonymous said...

To me, it looks like the weight of the branches were too heavy. The trunk looks too light to hold the branches and that is what probably happened. Holy cow that a lot of foliage for a branch. LOL

willow said...

i had a tree hit the house i was living in before...it makes quite the noise! mine was a dead tree though. it's weird that the branch came down, wonder if maybe the tree has a fungus or bug or something.