11 June, 2009

It's been along time

I know it has been along time since i have posted. I have been really busy with Girl Scouts and my mental sanity. I am getting the sanity under way and doing the Girl Scouts as they come. I will be posting more regular once I get my head back on straight. I have some major crap going on and it is taking some time to take care of it and with Girl Scouts it just makes it more stressful but I commited and will not let the girls down so I am having to do less on here. I am sorry for the length it has taken me to let you all know what is going on. I will try and post something soon.

Take care of your selves and stay SAIN LOL


1 comment:

willow said...

i am sorry to hear that you are having a hard time of it! that is crappy! May summers warm weather kiss all of your boo boo's away and lift you up!

and don't worry about being crazy...we all have one foot in the crazy pool to begin with!