30 July, 2009

Last week

Well yesterday was my last week to work weekdays at the cafe. I now will only work Sat. and Sun. until school starts back up. And this is the last week that I will be my mil's provider. Tomorrow is my last day. Her permanent provider is finally able to start back to work and will start on Monday. In a way I am glad I don't have to deal with sweating my butt off Mon. thru Fri. cook supper for her but my dh isn't very happy about the fact that the new hours are going to be from 1-4 since my mil dosn't eat till 5pm. But I don't know that is between him and his mother.

I will let you all know how boring my life goes now that I am home all day again. Hopfully I will enjoy the time with my kids more now that I have gone back to work for a while.

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