27 July, 2009

Back at work

I headed back to work on Saturday and I enjoyed it so much. I Went to talk to the manager when I got there and she was like NO I am on vacay talk to the owner when she comes in. So that is exactly what I did.

The owner came in later that day and when she did I politely asked her if we could talk. She took me to the back so it was just us two and no one else. (The mananger makes you talk in front of the customers and other employees and dosn't care.) So I inform her that I am going to have to quit I can't work until after school starts back up. She asked me why? I thought you liked working here. So I told her that I do but I don't have a babysitter till after school starts up and plus I don't want to put anyone into a bind because I have a responsibility to my kids first and for most and that the job comes second. So I told her that I was just quiting so that they could hire someone new so that there was no inconvienence to her or the other girls at work. She said she would talk to the mananger.

Well yesterday she came in and said she had talked to the manager and she said that they would keep me on on weekends until school started back up. So then I had to tell her that we are going on vacay some time around the 6th of Aug. She smiled and asked me why I didn't say anything yesterday. I told her it was cause I really thought I would not have a job any more cause of the babysitter bit. But no they are keeping me on she told me NO I am not letting you go if I can keep from it. You work your butt off and come in when you are schedualed and don't complain about everylittle thing and the costumers love you. So I get to keep my job but I will only be working weekend till school starts back up and the first sign of problems I will be quiting if the manager dosn't want to work with me. So we will see how things go from here on.

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