14 August, 2009

And FINALLY for the rest of the story.

Well we are back home. I have to work at 9am in the morning that isn't too bad, even though I just feel like I want to sit around the house and do nothing now that we are home.

Here were our endeavors on our vacation.

Got to Houston on Tuesday ate dinner and slept.

Wed. Picked my Best friend Rachel up and went to the History Museum did the butterfly habitat that is there and after we were going to leave. Well it was raining when we got out of the butterfly life house. So being the type of person I am when I have a partner in crime that isn't 8 or younger I tell my dh that He and the kids could stay there and wait for Rachel and I to come back with car. We will make a run for it in the rain. He said okay since he messed up his ankle and it was killing him. So we take off out the doors we came in since the Car was 3 blocks away from the actual museum. I put my glasses hanging on the front of my shirt and take off running. Well around block 2 is where I think I lost my glasses but not sure at all could have been any of the blocks we took. Which we took 4 since we got temporarily misplaced for a block. Didn't realize it till we were at the ground floor of the parking garage. So we go to the car and I tell Rach since I can't drive anyway that she goes and gets my family and tells dh what and where I am and that I am going back the way we came. So I head back in he rain and she heads for my family. Dh helped look and so did Rach I walked my steps 4 full times and of course gave I think decent distance for the gale force winds we also ran through talked to the museum Lost & Found and they don't have them and finally and hour and half later dh said that is enough it is time to go they were tired of doing circles around us while we were looking. So I have not glasses and as I mention in the previous post no spares. I wasn't to upset about it considering how I am. I am very proud of myself for that.

Got a motel and settled and then went for dinner then back to room. Rach and I took off to her house and got the stuff she needed for the next days endeavors.

Thursday. BEACH
Went to Stuart Beach in Galveston. Got there at 1:30pm. Rach brought boogie boards for all of us to play with and LOTS and LOTS of sand toys. I played in the sand with Rach for about an hour or hour and a half and the kids played in the sand for about 45 min. We played in the water for hours. I loved it the kids loved it and so did DH and BESTIE. We showered at the pavilion and leaft at 6pm. Went and fond the house that my brother and I used to stay at for the few summers my brothers dad lived in Galveston. Then left Galveston.

Headed for Kimah and went to Kimah Boardwalk. We looked around and watched the kids have fun in the water shooting from the ground to the beat of the live music. Then went to the VERY FIRST Joe's Crab Shack. Us Grown up love crabs. Rach gave me crabs and so did dh on this trip LOL. Didn't get to ride any of the attractions due to they close everything down at 10pm and we didn't finish eating till about 10:30pm. It happens but we know how to do Beach day next time so we have time for Kimah. All of us girls got sun burnt. A (daughter) her face and slightly on her back. Rach upper back and chest and face and arms. Me same as bestie but worse. I did get the worse burn of us all. DH and F (son) just got darker brown.

Took Rach home at midnight and went back to room.


We had so much fun those two days makes me want to go back in a week. lol

Today we met up with DH's friend and wife and went to breakfast then to Whole Foods (Health and Organic Grocery store for those who didn't know). And then said Bye see you next time. Headed home stopped in SA to eat super and got home at 8:30pm. Everyone else is already in bed and I should be also since I have to work and am tired and still exhausted from the beach yesterday. But by the time we all got back to the room on those night I was so tired I didn't even touch the computer so I wanted to update everyone and show what pix and videos I took while we were out and about.

I will post the pix tomorrow after work I am really sleepy But I will give briefs with the pix on who and where.

Good Night and Blessings to everyone and their endeavors.

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Sounds like so much fun! I'm jealous!