18 August, 2009

Pix from Vacay

First two pix Museum of Fine arts Houston Texas.
The hall of illusion. That is the family walking back to the end of the hall we started at. When inside the hall it looked like the walls were right at the edge of the black walk way but in actuality there was a sever inch drop down from the floor to the side and I think the lady said sever feet to the edge. It was awesome in person.

As everyone walked out and I was going to get a pick of just Rach it turned red on me it was really weird. Still liked the purple better.

Next seven pix are in Galveston Texas.
The Sand castle Rach and I made.
You can tell it has been a really long time since either of us had built a sand castle.

Rach with our sand castle.

Me with the sand castle. Rach took my pic.

Frankie and Andrea with the boogie boards they got to play with thanks to Rach.
She is also the one with all the sand toys LOL.

Andrea with the boogie board she wanted to use but the wrist strap was a homemade one since the original broke YEARS ago.

The slide that the kids and Rach and I went down. It was awesome once you got done climbing the flimsy a** stairs to the top. I think it was a great accomplishment since I am afraid of heights. It was so much fun we all did it twice. :-)

This is a pic of the house that my brother and I stayed in for the couple or few years in the summer when my brothers dad owned it and lived in Galveston. It didn't look so run down when we were growing up.

Some cafetria style breakfast place we ate at our last morning in Houston. It was pretty good.
This was the resturant we ate breakfast at Friday morning before heading home. I pretty much took this so Rach could see the bears (Stuffed :-( we got to see.

This is just the bears and a wort hog or havelina not sure which one.

I just thought this was funny az once I was told what it was.

Can anyone guess?


willow said...

hmmm that last picture looks like the ass end of a turkey!

glad that you had a great time in Houston! Liked your pics!

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, and I agree with Willow about the pic looking like the ass of a turkey. LOL