20 July, 2009

Update on what happened this morning.

I went to get my check at 2:30pm. and the owners are the ones to hand out the check. And yes the manager was sitting right there with her. I said Hello to the owners (hubby and wife team) And got my check then asked the manager why she sent me home today. Yes all in front of the owners she said yes. And proceeded to say that it was cause she told me Friday when I was explaining to her that if I came into work then I would have to abonden my daughter at camp. That if I didn't come in Sunday then she would cut my hours. I corrected her and told her NO you never said that you told me that I had to come in period and I proceed to repeat what I told her on friday and that her response to that was You will do what you have to and then got up. Never once did she say she would have to cut my hours. She did say on those lines that if she had to hire someone else that that would cut EVERYBODY's hours and that was fair. I told her then why can't you just cut mine? She said it doesn't work that way. So I asked her what do YOU want me to do? She didn't say anything. So I told her that I COULDN'T be there Sunday there was nothing I could do about it leaving my child in Utopia Texas was NOT an option. But it was all done infront of the owners so I am not to worried at this time. And I don't understand why she thought it would bother me considering she and the owners know that financially I don't need the job it is all cause I want one. So please someone tell me where cutting my hours is actually hurting me? I only see it frustrating me cause I am sitting at home AGAIN like I have for the last 9 years. But hurting me NO. And honestly I am looking forward to have the week off it has been 5 weeks since I have gotten more than 2 days off.

I will be putting in my two weeks when I return to work on Sat. Due to family vacay. If she threw such a fit over this which she was informed of on Wed. the 8th that I HAD to have the 19th off ONE day. Can you imagin what she will say and do if I tell her I need the 6th-11th I think is what dh said for vacay. So to save everyone the pissy problems I am just putting in my two weeks. I am not to worried she already hired someone new and I think two weeks is enough time for the new girl to catch onto things. If not I am sorry for them but I am not going to go through this again and all be damned if I am going to miss the family vacay to go and see MY Grandmother because of some job I only have cause I don't want to be home all the time anymore.

As far as the paper trail and clocking in and then out this is a mom and pop restaurant. So paper trails don't exsist when it comes to things like this. I wish I could have gotten that but there is no way I would be getting it so I didn't even try.

I only wanted 2 to 3 days a week as it was but I am getting the full shabang as a normal employee.


Shila Dannon said...

well i am glad to hear that you were able to get some more information about all of this. It sounds to me that it may be time to quit that job anyways. I know it got you out of the house and off your butt.. Goddess knows I understand boredom!!! But you have the upper hand here. Its like you said.. you don't NEED this job.. you took it on as a hobby(if you will). and when a hobby gets in the way of your happiness then its no longer a hobby and is now a chore. You and your family don't need this job. They know it and i would have to say they are a little jealous.I say screw them!!!

As far as your family trip.. are yall going to get a chance to see the Terracotta Warriors? and am I going to get a chance to give you all the items i have been saving for you since you first told me this was a possibility? I know how your husband is and I am not going to assume that i get a day or even an afternoon. I know how he is.. so i am just wondering how this may work. I have a painting as well as other items for you..(astrological sign coffee mug, beautiful night gown with matching robe, a Mists of Avalon VHS that i know still works this is why i am giving it to you.. you said you have never seen it. and as yo may know it is my favorite movie these days, and other stuff.. ) But only if you want it. The painting i saw and immediately thought of you. I think i told you about it already.. I don't remember just now.

WillowMoon said...

I am hoping you can join us at the museum when we see the Terracotta solders that day. Maybe our only one day together but I am hoping and afterwords I can go to your house and we can spend us time together while Juan and the kids do what ever they want hopefully that is what I am hoping for.

willow said...

well good for you! although I will say that I think you are being to kind by actually giving them two weeks notice. you should give two weeks and then book your vacation right after! that woman is an incredible twit with no people skills whatsoever. I can believe she thought that you would just leave you kid at camp...some people let power get to their heads and then get their heads stuck up the own asses. blows me away.